Handbags carry memories

Efi Dolcini bags are designed and manufactured in Athens, Greece from handpicked materials. The raw materials are rare, vintage, precious, meaningful: Hand-woven pieces made by local women in the traditional greek “Argalios” are sewn on the bags. Leathers are Italian or local, either hand-processed, embellished, or embossed locally. We are always on the lookout for amazing vintage fabrics that time has forgotten but style always misses. We draw, illustrate, edit take pictures and print fabrics. We put together the bags, piece by piece. The embellishments are hand-stitched, everything is cut with scissors. Our bags are aimed at women who want to hold a unique piece just like them. They carry love and attention with a mission to inspire women to live and dress beautifully by supporting sustainable fashion, local crafters and keeping alive traditional techniques.
​We love to create custom and unique pieces. If you would like to carry an One of a kind Efi Dolcini piece, email us at: info@efidolcini.com


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Email: info@efidolcini.comPhone: +30 2102440014

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